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This Independence Day, I helped Someone.

This is the story of Mrs. Kriplani, a 70 year old who is a resident of Meherdad, Cuffe Parade. On the 15th of August, She was talking a walk in Bay View Marina Garden, when she had suddenly fallen down. She was in unfathomable pain as she had injured her leg.

No Taxi Was ready to take her to hospital from BVM Garden and nobody was able to help.

When Mr Patkar of Meharnaz, saw her condition, and seeing that nobody could help right at that moment, he decided to call me for help. I immediately came with my car and we left for the hospital.

After I got her admitted in Bombay hospital, the doctors examined her and concluded that he had 2 fractures in her left leg. They got her a temporary plaster done at that moment.

Major operation will be carried after COVID-19 test on Monday. Surgery with Steel Rod & Plate is recommended.

I was with Mrs. Kriplani from 7pm to 1am. I heard learnt later that both her children had settled abroad. I informed them & they have communicated that they will fly back soon.

She has made a video for everyone to know that she is in much better health and that she will be fine. I was very touched by her message for me as well because I believe that is our responsibility, as functioning members of society to take care of each other, especially our senior citizens.

After this Incident, I have visited her a few times in the hospital and her she is on her way to recovering. Major Operations for her were conducted and a titanium rod and plate were fitted for her.

Mr. Kriplani Going into Surgery

Me and Dr Jhunjhunwala


I am happy to say that by the grace of god that she will be fine. I am sharing our story with you as my first blog because I want you, dear reader, to be kind to people who are in need of help. As Mahatma Gandhi once said; " Be the change you want to see in the world."

This is Dr. Padmakar Nandekar, and thank you for reading my 1st entry

Have a great day and stay humble!

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Dr. Padmakar Nandekar

I am a keen interest in spiritual and healing techniques like Vipassana, Silva, Reki, Melkizerik, Isha Yoga, Art of Living, Breakthrough & Diksha from Oneness University of Amma Bhagwan to keep abreast of technology and other changes taking place in the industry through his associations with various forums.